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Synthsonix was born from the love of sound synthesis and synthesizers. Transforming natural sounds into new ones or inventing new tones and forms of manipulation is what we're into.

The three forms of resources availalbe here are essentially the patch banks, the sample packs and the interactive tutorials. The tutorials and certain sample packs are completely free and will be updated as we compile them. To support our work, the website and the skilfull folks behind all this, we sell patch banks for hardware and software synthesizers as well as sample packs.

The patches will be constantly expanding to include new synths, styles and genres, and as you will find (or hear) they really are of the highest quality around. Sample packs are aimed at very specific sound type themes and may be optimized for use with certain softwares ( Reason Refill, Kontakt, Battery Kits etc...). Please read details of each bank for details of available formats.

Our intention is to grow as a reliable online resource for sounds and synthesis information . We are always looking for sound designers and talented synthesists to collaborate with. If you feel you have good material for a possible sound bank for a synth, original samples or good tutorial ideas, then we would like to hear from you.


All products purchased at Synthsonix will be available as digital downloads, therefore no shipping prices will every be incured on your order. For that matter, please make sure you provide your correct email as that is where you will receive a download link to your files. The link expires after a limited amount of downloads and/or time, details of which will be given once your order is made.

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All the contents, sample programs and tutorials in this website are copyrighted and may not be reproduced elsewhere without previous consent. Please read our detailed License Agreement section for more details on usage of our products for commercial purposes.

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