128 high quality patches that sum up the Virus's ability and range of percussive sounds. You will find warped snares and thumpy minimal kicks to clicks and blips and lush high hats. All patches are highly tweakable to add movement and flow to your percussive adventures.  
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  Click Pot   Hyper Clap   Thwap 2   Light Perk
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  Hard Kik   Thwubble   Rezo Pot   Sweet Perk
  Soft Kik   Zylotub   Rattlazer   Thin Zap
Price: £13
  Harsh Kik   Krafty   Harmo Pot   High Snap
  Minimal Kik   Sweepy   Fidget   Klapp
Bank Format
  Tekno Kik   MidHighLow   Arp Box   Climp Midi Dump (SMF)
Sound Diver (Mac, PC)
  Rev Thump   De Kik   Alan Snare   High Tik
  Kimba   Verb Kik   Big Snare   Vase
Compatibility Info
  Hammer Kik   Rippies   Zaparia   Bit Blip Virus C (Indigo 2, Desktop...)
Virus Powercore
Virus TI (Polar, Desktop ...)
Virus Snow
Virus B
  Mid Kik   Ana Noise   Kleock   Hide Hat
  Lazer Kik   Viral Perk   Big Box   Risklaus
  ElectriKik   Minimalia   No Name   Hat Cat
Sound Types Included
  Rumble   Just SN   Convo Noiz   Clot Pot Percussion, drums, clicks, blips,
glitches, kicks, snares, claps,
hats, percussive fx
  Power HIt   Tako   Thub Snare   Baker Hat
  Thwappy   Tok   Analogish   Sing Perk
  High Kik   Hisssh   Snarorize   Bat Hat Electronica, minimal, electro, techno, idm, DnB, chillout,
trance, house, dance music, pop
  Sub Thump   Late Noise   Quirk Perk   LittleNoiz
  UnderKik   Hi SN   Lazeree   LFO Hat
  MiniKik   Lazery   Klanks   Lazer Hat FREE DEMO
  Klik Thump   Snare Sale   ViruSnare   RuesPnr 16 Sounds!
  Mini Blip   Spider   Ana SN   Swish Roll
  Filter Hit   Lofi Clap   Comp Box   VerbBox  
Serious   Analog   Lazer Perk   Hard Hat  
Mid high   Mod Hit   LittleNoiz   Rimm
Up Hit   Arpercuss   Effemish   Whip Clap
Zap Kik   Swish Box   Fast Hit   Open Hat
Noise Tom   Under Box   Rattler   Klik
Mellow Perk   Filter Box   Just Noise   Sci-Fi Hat
Fed   Wopp   Perc Fect   Noise Perk
Break Kik   Room SN
Glass Noiz   Phase Hat
Funny ish   Minimalize
Mod Noise   Shake Hat  
Mik   Sting Perk
Mod Pod   Snak

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