This bank compiles some of the most cutting-edge sounds for the Virus made by Synthsonix. Each sound is truely unique, and goes well beyond the usual factory presets and styles and other banks around. Highly tweakable, with great playability. Perfect for minimal, glitch and experimental sounds.  
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Total MS20
Psy Fi Fuk
Kralhush   Pure Analog FX
FX Showdown   Harsh Rings   Cart Toon   Ripley's
Wam   Nincomloop   Analazer   Ringer
Price: £5
Perkulator   Helli-fax   Kwoid   Sweet Talk
Toconium   Talkie Walkie   Manalog   Sekwence
Bank format
Bank (FXB)
Compatibility Info
Legacy Digital Edition (Mac,PC)
Sound Types Included
Blips, FX, distortions, vintage,
percussive, atonal
Dumbo   Vowelizer   Mordok   Alien Phone
Digi Police   High Train
Little Bomb
Pseudo Arper
Honk Alarms   Kick Out   Crackpot   Resonuisance
        Electronica, minimal, electro, techno, idm, DnB, chillout, experimental, avant-garde
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