LINKS - A definite favourite online resource for musical oddities, news and information, sound design and a lot of creative stuff.

David Tudor Homepage
- The late and truely great pioneer of electronic music. Has wonderful gallery of his experimental devices, and even graphical diagrams of his hyper-circuit-bending machines. Very inspiring!

Reed Ghazala - Homepage of the father of circuit bending offering everything you need to know about the subject. Truely a living legend!

Ian Boddy - UK sound design wizard, musician and producer of some of the most exciting and cutting edge sample libraries around. A definite hero of hours.

CSound- The pioneer DIY software of modular synthesis, instrument creation and sound design. Massive resource of information availalbe.

Cycling 74 - Creators of the MAX/MSP programming environment for audio and visual creation and manipulation. Endless possibilities...

Native Instruments - Responsible for "cutting the edges" of music technology. Makers of Reaktor, Absynth, Vokator, Massive and other great innovations.

Access Music - Home of the famous Access Virus synth, now in it's latest reincarnation as the TI (Totally Integrated).

EMF Institute - Fantastic resource of everything - past, present, future- related to the evolution of sound synthesis and electronic music.

STEIM -Center for research & development of instruments & tools for performers in the electronic performance arts. Also laboratory, workshop, international meeting place, artist hotel, production office, live electroacoustic music, DJ's, VJ's, theater and installation makers, video artists and nomad studio.




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