Browse throught the collection of Reason Refills, sample packs and sound banks available at Synthsonix. Each bank aims for a particular theme either of sound types, synthesis forms or production techniques. Read details of contents and download the available formats for each pack below.  
    Sound types included  
Glitch sound generators that spit sound without even pressing play, rhythmic blip machines, the grain-cloud sampler , circuit bending machines and even a timestretching sampler! Also featured are modulated effects that add movement and edge to sounds put through them. All patches have a certain element of randomness but are highly tweakable, which makes this whole collection suitable for Reason
users looking for tools to manipulate and create unheard sounds in
their racks. The skins are made to fit the experience.
Glitch effects, blips, sound fx, modulated fx, synth patches, sound generators,
timestretching sampler, granular machines etc...

Electronica, IDM, Minimal,
Trance, Techno, Chillout,
Experimental, Avant-garde, cinema,
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Sound types included  

Not your usual sound effects collection. Sounds here range from
quirky to mad, sci-fi to comical, hypnotic to catchy and everything
in between. There is a wide palette of textures and tones with unique character and quality. You will find atmospheric drone-type samples, convoluted noises, fm contortions, extreme filtering sounds, analog hits and percussive fx that offer a wide variety of options to give a
certain edge to you tracks, or even inspire new ideas. 125 sound files.

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Effects, textures, drones, atmospheres, hits, convolutions, distortions, filtering, bleeps, glitches, abstract tones, sci-fi, lo-fi
Electronica, Minimal,
Techno, Chillout,
Experimental, Avant-garde, cinema, IDM, Trance,
Demo Price : £ 5.00

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