The Blip Glitch soundset is one sound collection bound to make you
blown away with the abilities of your Virus. Lots of arpy-blip rhythms
and lo-fi effects are the order here. Suitable for pretty much any
electronica genre, from techno to ambient.
Synth patches>Hardware Synths>Access Virus

Please click the buttons to preview individual sounds or here to preview mp3 demo

0 Thick 32 Defamer 64 Reduce 96 Polyanne
  Sing Ring   Edith   Niminal   Monamine
  Big Synth   Debrief   Vanguard   Fire Zone
  Herkwind   Odyssey   Sirensis   Piku
  Over   Snapper   Let Go   Oscilazer
Bank Format
5 Demi Base 37 Oatley 69 Tekem 101 Glazer Virus C
Virus Powercore
Virus TI
  Thump Kick   Das Fart   Larson   Clanky
  Basik   Mini Glitch   Upshot   Tacky
  Bulgar   Genie   Salazar   Rattle SN
  Egg-Roll   Glyxamo   Getta Grip   Prick
10 Daftly 42 Raiichim 74 Bastardy 106 Spektrakik
  Firm Synth   Brilliant   Gestalt   Normal Kik
  Berger   Copycat   Roller   Kick Mod
  Goom   Anal Log   Cryogenic   Big Down
  Flip Bass   Bait   Access   Low Snap
15 Bad Girls 47 De Layer 79 Wet Weep 111 Skiggle
  Borg   Minor Synth   Contort   Penguin
  Goldfarb   Open Wide   Arp Out   Rimba
  Dichotic   Oxidase   Moss   Rev Snare
  Kwak   Sugarman   No Tone   Mime
20 Loot 52 Arp Log 84 Are Two D2 116 Vaser
  TNT   Grid Test   Be Born   Thwap  
  Log Tone   Micro Toon   Ground War   Clangorous  
  Quincy   Rippy   Star Wars   Open Clap
  T-Data   Glass Sea   Pulse Pek   Bio Perc
25 Generator 57 Pure Noiz 89 Ritualia 121 Mud Cake
  Be Loud   Czech Twin   Lazer Up   Clapper
  Ergo Synth   Mutism   Clap Ants   Phase Clap
  Criticas   Webble   Kaleb   Woppy
  Warm Verse   Fishbone   Angry Comb   Hat Groove
30 Warmer 62 Neverland 94 Plimp 126 Clean Hat  
  Tsar Synth   Pheromone   Eewok   Swish Hat