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All questions and queries can be sent by email to: info [ AT ] synthsonix.com


All products sold or distributed (synth programs and sample banks) by SynthSonix.com are licensed to be used by the user only in their own production of music, soundtrack, television or multi-media content only. The addition of any of our digitial audio recodings or synth program banks in a compilation, or resynthesis of them for use in any of the forms other than the ones described above without our previous consent or agreement to do so will be considered an infringement of the law and will be persued to the fullest extent of UK and Internation law.


Synthesizer data banks and sample packs sold and distributed by SynthSonix.com are availalbe as digital downloads only. Please check your internet connection speed is suitable for this kind of operation.

PLEASE make sure you provide your CORRECT EMAIL upon checkout as this is where a download link will be sent for you to download your products. If you fail to do so, we will be unable to send the files again to a different address.

The download expires after a limited time (usually 1 week) and number of downloads ( usually 3 times), details of which will be sent to you by email once you make your purchase. For that matter, please download and backup your product files a soon as they are available to you. We will only reactivate links if the items have not been downloaded by the user, and still only in certain circumstances.

Synthesizer data banks are usually very small in file size, generally never heavier than 1MB per bank. Sample packs may vary considerably in size so please check file size info available for each product for more details.

If you would like a custom bulk deal of our products please contact us to discuss this as we can offer great discounts for users who wish to do so.


Synthsonix.com does not hold any of our cusotmers' financial information. All payment processing is done by our merchant client Paypal. Payapl is a secure online payment gateway that offers payment options either by credit card (all major credit cards accepted) or quick checkout options for Paypal users.


Synthsonix.com offers customer support for purchased items only and is not responsible for any damage or harm caused either to equipment or the end user by use of any of our products (not that anything like this has ever happened !)

Synthsonix.com offers no refund for any of our products. Once purhchased and downloaded the products are considered used, and since all items sold are non-tangible items, we cannot offer any form of refund.

Please make sure you have read and gathered as much information as you can about a particular product before you buy it!

If you have any questions about an item or products you cannot find the answer to through our website, please email us at
info[@]synthsonix.com and we will be happy to answer your queries.

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