There are no rules to the topics covered in these tutorials, only that they should be related to some form of sound design, synthesis, or sound manipulation technique. Tutorial files can be downloaded by clicking the clink at the bottom of the description.  

Interactive tutorial taking the principles of granular synthesis and timestretching to be applied in Reason's NN19 soft sampler, but could work with most decent samplers that have a sample start function.

The idea is simple: choping up a sample into small bits, and then controlling the order of playback. To achieve this result, we simple drew a straight 1/64 step sequence in
the NN19 matrix, then by controlling the sample start knob
we can morph between the different "grains" of the sample.

This effect can be most clearly heard with the manipulation
of a v-v-v-v-o-o-o-o-c-c-c-c-a-a-a-a-l-l-l-l-l sample. By
drawing different automation lines for the sample start
knob and different slopes, one can control the "speed" of
the sample without affecting pitch. So to those familiar with
timestreching, the results are very similar audibly.

By messing around even further with the automation
curves one can achieve more granular synthesis types of

Download tutorial files (ZIP)

Absynth is indeed a monster synth. Mostly famous for his soundscape and weird-drone abilities, it is remarkably versatile when it comes to programming beats.

If you ever fired one of those amazing presets that play almost like an entire song (or at least the beats), then this is the "how to" tutorial. The trick here is to use the mighty
multi-stage envelopes as sequencers.

By making use of the 3 independent oscillators to play the essential beat parts ( kick, snare and hat) and the envelopes to trigger and change their sound, one can evolve from a simple electronic beat into a complex and morphing sequence.

Adding to that clever use of the effects, things get even more interesting. There is a bit of a learning curve here but hopefully this tutorial gets across how powerful this approach can be to getting more out of Absynth, and obviously applying these concepts to other similar synths.

Tutorial patches and working files are available below.

Download tutorial files (ZIP)

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