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Welcome to SynthSonix. Here you will find synthesizer patch banks and soundsets for you favourite synths, free sound design tutorials, samples, links and other information and resources for sound creation. The site is updated frequently so please join our mailing list to find info about releases, and other additions to the site.  
Fresh sounds to stimulate the oscillators and filters in your Virus to sing beyond
the norm. Listen to the demos and wonder at those patches in your full control. Thorough collection of sounds and styles.
150 Pure analog tones emulating classic
sounds, and going into other realms of
warmth, fatness and filtering power.
Check out demo sounds of this mighty
asset for your favourite Reason synth.
160 fresh sounds for Korg's praised emulation of their own classic synth.
The Tilt bank includes a wide range of sounds that put the MS-20's mighty filters to the test.
To view bank information and
hear demos of sounds
click here
Read our exclusive interview with sound
synthesis guru Ian Boddy
where he
talks to us abou his love for the MiniMoog,
Reaktor and why analogue still has
it's place in his studio. Click here for
  Other Additions to the Site
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Synth Patches - OscillaThor Soundset for Reasons's Thor Synth
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Tutorials - Reason Signal Feedback and Space Echo

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